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Wifi Onboard for Home and Office

Wifionboard  supplies Wifi solutions for mobile offices, building sites and creates rural broadband connections where landline broadband speeds are poor.

Whether you have a mobile office or temporary premises that need to get connected or simply live in an area at the ‘end of the line’ for conventional broadband connections, Wifionboard can supply long-range wifi repeaters for external use creating local wifi hotspots where you need them. Wifi solutions for mobile offices, building sites and creates rural broadband connections

We also have a range of 5G and 4G mobile routers with a variety of pay as you go or contract data SIM cards to create your own mobile broadband connection anywhere in the UK, Europe and beyond. Some of our routers even have voice ports so that you can connect a standard telephone… no need to install a landline on temporary premises any more! All our 5G and 4G routers come with optional external antennas making them perfect for your  mobile office, building site, holiday house or appartment.

All of our Wifi repeaters and mobile routers create your very own Wifi hotspot at your premises, allowing everyone to connect simultaneously with Wifionboard.

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