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Marine Wifi

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Access to the Internet whilst onboard your yacht, motor cruiser or super yacht is more than a luxury, Wifi is required for downloading weather data, receiving emails, keeping in touch when sailing is now expected by the skipper and the crew. Wifionboard, offers a range of marine solutions including a single user USB Wifi antenna that is PC and MAC compatible, a WifI repeater hotspot and a 3G Wifi Hotspot. We also have a range of marine antennae made exclusively for Wifionboard in the UK.

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Motorhome Wifi

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When touring in your motorhome, campervan, RV or caravan, access to the Internet, especially when kids are onboard is a necessity. Public Wifi is often available but sometimes not accessible from tablets and smartphones. Wifionboard has a range of motorhome wifi products that make life easier including a Wifi Booster Hotspot and a 5G or 4G mobile router or MiFi. We also offer a SIM card that offers great value when roaming in Europe.

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Canal Boat Wifi

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Wifionboard has a range of Wifi products and external antennae suitable for use on Canal Boats and Dutch Barges. Connect to a Wifi hotspot whilst moored alongside the towpath or riverbank with our Wifi Hotspot booster or become more independent with one of our 4G or 5G mobile routers and external antenna.

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Spare power supplies and accessories for your Wifionboard products including long-range Wifi and 5G or 4G antennae, cables, connectors and more. All designed to help you get connected to the Internet wherever you are.

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