Welcome to the Jurassic Coast

Good Afternoon from Plymouth,

I arrived here in Plymouth yesterday following my weekend in Weymouth for the bank holiday and a stop in Dartmouth for the evening.

We had a fantastic time in Weymouth for the bank holiday and received a huge welcome from Weymouth marina and the staff there. I have to say a big thank you to Weymouth marina owned by Dean & Reddyhoff as they very kindly moored us up for the weekend and were the most fantastic hosts so a big thank you.

We had the most successful weekend with fellow boat owners stopping to talk to me and read my posters which were all over the boat and they were filling the donations tin which is always a good sign. On the Sunday we were joined by my partner Laura’s sister and her husband for the fireworks on the front that evening and as we were walking along with the tins the local radio stopped us and they interviewed me live which was then also put out to everyone on the front so this gave us some great publicity and people helping to fill the tins.

Tuesday morning came and it was time for me to slip my lines and head for the next destination which was Dartmouth, As I rounded Portland bill I made the decision to take the inside track as it was very calm and not a lot of wind and as I was told if you can’t throw a biscuit to land you’re not close enough! So I went right inshore and I tried the challenge with a tough hobnob and it only landed inches off the coast line probably because of my poor throwing (I was always told id never make the England cricket team!)

Well the tide took me round the bill and then I was on my route across Lyme bay and heading for Dartmouth which was a very uneventful day as we had very little wind but I managed to get into Dartmouth at 1900. The team at Darthaven Marina welcomed me in o their visitors pontoons for the night where I must say the shower facilities were first class. When I returned I had a knock on the coach roof and it was the couple in front of me and their two friends and son who welcomed me onto their boat for a drink as they themselves are on the homeward leg of their round Britain trip so we had lots of stories to swap and shared places we had been which was excellent.

Well the following morning came around and I waited for low water as the next leg was to Plymouth and specifically to the Swift Sail loft where I was to meet up with the owner Jamie. As I left the mouth of the dart the wind was building and I could see some rain coming so I climbed into my oil skins again and set the sails ready for a sail, the wind kept building and I slipped in a reef into the main sail and the boat just took off which I must say was so exhilarating as we powered into Plymouth and was the fisrt full days sailing on the south coast.

I arrived in here at 1930 and was greeted into the Torpoint Marina by the very helpful staff and was made to feel right at home.

So today I have been in the Swift Sail loft learning how to mend my asymmetric as there have been a few holes and a tear in it so Matt who is the sail maker there has been showing me what to do and how to do it so if I ever need to I can make a repair. A big thank you to Jamie and Matt of Swift Sails for welcoming me into the loft and helping me with the repairs.

So tomorrow the plan is to head for Falmouth which is about 40 miles away as the forecast for the next few days isn’t looking so good so I want to get down there as soon as possible so I’m not caught out in it around cape Cornwall.

So if you are in Falmouth over the weekend please do pop along and say hello and drop some funds into the bucket it would be great. Don’t forget to keep following us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and please please visit the just giving page and pop on there as much as you can.

Until next time