Wifi Extender Canalboat

Wifi Extender Canalboat


Our Wifionboard  Wi-FI Extender Canalboat Pro provides long range access to Wi-Fi and creates a Wi-Fi Hotspot onboard, allowing multiple devices to connect over a single public Wi-Fi account.

The system is simple to use and requires no software to be installed making them ideal for use with tablets and smartphones.

Our system comprises of an external aerial and a Wi-Fi hub mounted inside your canal boat. This hub creates a local Wifi hotspot which has that same network name and security code regardless to your location this has the added advantage of only requiring one connection for the whole system rather than each device, which can save money where the hotspot access is chargeable per device.

Setting up the system just requires a Tablet or any device with Wifi and an Internet browser. Once connected simple screens take you through the set up, just choose your hotspot and enter the passkey if required and you are connected. Once this is done all the devices registered to the Wifionboard hotspot are ready to go.

Please bear in mind that the internet speeds achieved are only going to be as good as the Wifi service you have connected to, this may not be enough to stream HD services such as Netflix,  many Wifi operators in Marinas and BT Wifi provide a basic service for emails etc.  If you require full service internet you may want to look at  the B535 4G router and aerial and look at a data SIM.

The system complete with a suction antenna for canal boats, 12VDC and 240VAC power supplies.

Antenna option

As standard the system is supplied with a suction mount 5dB antenna a 9 dB mag mounts are available

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Long Range Wi-Fi Router

  • N Type Plug Antenna Connector
  • USB 5 Metre  Cable
  • Chipset: Ralink RT3070L
  • 150Mbps 11n 2.4GHz

Suction Mount Omni Antenna

  • 5dBi gain
  • N Type socket connector
  • Frequency Range – 2400-2483MHz

Mag  Mount Omni  Antenna

  • 9dBi gain
  • N Type socket connector
  • Frequency Range – 2400-2483MHz

Roof  Mount Omni  Antenna

  • 9dBi gain
  • N Type socket connector
  • Frequency Range – 2400-2483MHz

Indoor router

  • 11n Wi-Fi USB Router/Repeater
  • USB Wireless Long Range Router port
  • 5dBi Antenna included
  • Reverse SMA Connector
  • WPS
  • Wall mountable

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