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Marine Wifi

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Access to the Internet whilst onboard your yacht, motor cruiser or super yacht is more than a luxury, Wifi is required for downloading weather data, receiving emails, keeping in touch when sailing is now expected by the skipper and the crew. Wifionboard, offers a range of marine solutions including a single user USB Wifi antenna that is PC and MAC compatible, a WifI repeater hotspot and a 3G Wifi Hotspot. We also have a range of marine antennae made exclusively for Wifionboard in the UK.

Motorhome Wifi

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When touring in your motorhome, campervan, RV or caravan, access to the Internet, especially when kids are onboard is a necessity. Public Wifi is often available but sometimes not accessible from tablets and smartphones. Wifionboard has a range of motorhome wifi products that make life easier including a Wifi Booster Hotspot and a 3/4G hotspot. We also offer a SIM card that offers great value when roaming in Europe.

Canal Boat Wifi

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Wifionboard has a range of Wifi products and external antennae suitable for use on Canal Boats and Dutch Barges. Connect to a Wifi hotspot whilst moored alongside the towpath or riverbank with our Wifi Hotspot booster or become more independent with one of our 3/4G mobile routers and external antenna.

Rural and Temporary Broadband

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Whether you live in an area at the ‘end of the line’ for conventional broadband connections or have a mobile office or temporary premises that need to get connected Wifionboard can supply range of 4G and 3G routers and high powered direction antennae designed to give the best Internet connections possible, wherever you are. Using the EE 4G network speeds of over 20MBs are achievable and 10MBs on the 3G network and monthly costs from £20 per month.

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3G-4G Routers

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3G and 4G routers designed to provide a Wifi hotspot for multiple devices using mobile data networks. Use in the UK, Europe or worldwide. All our units are unlocked for use on any network which give you the flexibility to change network providers as and when you need.

Wifi Kits

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A selection of kits put together for you to access long range Wifi, 3G and 4G mobile networks or both.