Canal Warrior 4G and Long-range Wifi Package


3-4G Antennae * 

The system is supplied with a single 3-4 G 6dB mag mount antennae options

Wifi Antennae * 

The system is supplied with a 9dB Mag mount antenna a roof mount option is available

Sim Card

We offer a prepaid SIM from Three

Shipping * 

Next day delivery, orders must be place by 1pm for next working day delivery. We do not deliver on Saturday

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The Canal Warrior is 4G Huawei B535 router with long-range Wi-Fi system provides access to 3G or 4G networks or Long-range Wi-Fi access on your boat.

Supplied with magnetic or fixed mount antennae for both W-Fi and 3-4G

The 3G/4G router works with all 3G and 4G networks and can provide data rates up to 100mbps.  We have achieved  data rates in the UK with EE 4G network in excess 100Mbps download and 35Mbps upload speeds with this unit.  In 3G mode the unit will run up to 42 Mbps and we have achieved data rates of over 23mbps download on 3’s network in the UK.

The unit also has up to 4 LAN ports and a sharable USB port.  The Unit also supports Voice either as a mobile call using the SIM’s number or as a SIP VoIP  which can use any number ported to it .

The long range Wi-Fi we have achieved connection at 24 Mbps at 2 miles however this is dependent on the target Wi-Fi hotspot  you are connecting to and a realistic range is around 1km in most cases.