About Us

David Walker of WifionboardAfter 30 years in the telecommunications and mobile  communications industry I took time out and sailed across the Atlantic on the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers in 2012.

I quickly realised that accessing the Internet onboard has suddenly become a necessity rather than a luxury for most crew members, whether it’s simply to get weather information or more importantly,  news from family and friends.

Public Wifi is available in marinas, bars and cafes, however, the low power of devices such as iPads and iPhones does not always allow connection from the yacht and necessitates a trip ashore; the same is also true at caravan sites where only certain pitches provide Wifi access.  So after solving my own problems, my travelling friends all wanted a similar solution to their communications problems, thus Wifionboard was born.

I have sourced high quality products which give long range Wifi extender systems and Mobile 3G and 4G routers to give your  yacht, boat, motorhome or caravan its own Wifi high speed Internet connected hotspot.

Happy connected travelling.

David Walker